Stuart Anderson – the man with more positive energy than anyone I have met. Oh, did I mention he frequently exercises at 5:30 am? Stuart frequents the gym at 6 am, and somehow has more energy than most people do after a 24 oz coffee in the middle of the day. From the time I met Stuart he has constantly explored his ability as a triathlete. With a full time job, and two cute kids he never misses a workout –whether it be a functional workout to keep him strong, or a 3 hour tempo ride he gets it all in and keeps growing as a triathlete.

I couldn’t be happier training Stuart. He has challenged me as a trainer in so many ways. In the beginning we didn’t see eye to eye on him going all in, but after a confusing season he submitted to what is, and committed to the sport, as he wanted to. He has had several amazing seasons with many ups, and very few downs. Here are some of his accomplishments over the years: 

Pumpkin Man Half Ironman 2012 – 6:00:13

Echo Olympic Distance Triathlon 2012 – 2:30:23

Jordanelle Olympic Distance Triathlon 2012 – 2:29:58

Yuba Olympic Distance Triathlon 2012 – 2:48:40

Emigration Hill Climb 2012 – 27:40

SG TRI Sprint 2013 - 1:15:37, 8th overall, 1/31 age group 

Salem Springs Sprint 2013 - 1:10:40, 12th overall, 2/44 age group 

Jordanelle Sprint 2013 - 1:22:55, 8th overall,  2/26 age group 

Yuba Sprint 2013 - 1:09:33, 6th overall, 1/21 age group 

Stuart's words about Vitality:


There aren’t any gimmicks employed at Vitality. It’s a simple space. No windows. No mirrors. No lat pull-down Nautilus machines. The gym is in a warehouse. Simplicity defines Vitality.  This is a no-frills space that demands attention to detail and a determination to improve. Gyms have been part of my life since my dad bought an original membership at the Sports Mall in 1985.  Since then I have done my share of hammer curls and tricep extensions, but Vitality showed me a better way.  A better use of my time and energy.  Vitality showed me a path that led to a lifestyle that was well-rounded and healthy.  Vitality demanded my loyalty and commitment and in return I accomplished greatly. As an amateur triathlete I approached Vitality with hopes of finding a way to become more than a weekend racer.  I wanted to win.  At first, I had hoped to grab some age-group medals, but as time passed my vision was raised to include much loftier goals.  Training included metabolic conditioning, personalized homework, threshold tests and strength training.  Vitality has seen me through three years of races.  Including two half Ironman races (Pumpkinman and St. George 70.3), four Olympic distance triathlons and 10 sprint distance races.  Under the watchful eye of Vitality I have steadily improved in all aspects of racing. Particularly my ability to understand what it takes to win: training, skill development, and rest.

Chase Evans personifies many personality traits that I admire and envy, I will mention my top three: 

(1) He dreams big

How many 30 year olds do you know that sincerely believe they can compete in sprint races against college kids? Chase is filled with that kind of passion.  He strives to be better.  He is always working to find a better way.  He is always hoping to improve in both sports and life.  I love men like that.  Chase has the same vision and passion for his clients.  He believes in me and puts his passion into helping me accomplish big things. Chase’s dreams fule my dreams.  His passion is contagious and impossible to ignore.  

(2) He gets the job done 

Whatever the job requires Chase will do the work until it is done.  Excuses are not in his nature.  He finds a way to get the work done and he has the knowledge and experience to do it the right way.  He has built Vitality through work.  He has also  become a successful athlete through diligence, patience and work.  

(3) He knows how to have a good time 

There are few things I enjoy more then spending time with Chase at Vitality — that even includes the day he saw me through 300 calories on the Airdyne.  He is genuinely excited for my successes and accomplishments.  He is constantly aware of my training schedule and races.  Chase loves life and daily chooses to have a great attitude.