Steve has been one of my best friends for over ten years. From the beginning I have known him as “big Steve” and rightly so. Everything he does is big. His level of passion outweighs even himself. Steve has forever been one of the most genuine, happy people I have known. His happiness and love for life transcends throughout the gym and makes everyone stoked to be in his presence.

Steve has been in the gym basically since day one when there was just one rower, two barbells, and a set of bumpers, a few kettlebells, and some battle ropes. Since the beginning, Steve has done nothing but dominate. Over the years his direction has changed several times, but not once was has his intent ever become compromised. From dead lifting over 500 pounds to running the Portland marathon at 240+ pounds to rowing 21,000 under 1:15:00, to dominating every circuit, to skiing 2,000 meters under 7:00 to bench pressing over 450 pounds to just generally being stoked on everything he does, Steve is an amazing person to have in the gym.  

Some highlights:

Back squat: 385#

Dead Lift: 515#

Bench press: 460#

Push press: 285#

2,000 meter row: 6:42

500 meter row: 1:22

2,000 meter ski: 6:59

500 meter ski: 1:29