Saga Outerwear is an innovative marketer, designer, and distributor of ski and snowboard apparel. Since our 2005 introduction, we have sought to create premium products using only quality materials and innovative design. Our outerwear and apparel is custom-built to satisfy the most demanding and active teams in the snow industry. Having roots in Montana, Oregon, and Utah, we are inspired by the Mountain-West lifestyle.

Why we go to Vitality:
We believe vitality is an important part of our in-house team building among our athletes and management. Chase's programing not only pushes the group physically but also prepares us mentally, whether it's the challenge of climbing a mountain or running a small business. Our reason for Vitality over a normal gym membership can be summed up in one quote, "there's a million ways to quit but only one way to keep going".

Austin Stevens

Jordan Harper

Tim Durtschi

Aly Tolles