I am originally from Moscow, Russia.  I immigrated to the United States with my family when I was 10 years old in 1996, due to my brother’s handicap.  I come from an active family and fitness has always been a big part of my life.  I played a variety of sports throughout childhood and was into boxing and football in high school, but I have always aspired to be professional racer.  

I race Superbikes in the USBA, MRA, WERA Nationals, and AMA series.  I started racing in 2006, winning an Amateur title my first year racing and since then I have raced all over the United States at a club and professional level.  In 2009, I got a chance to compete at world level as a wild card rider in the World Supersport Championship.  Fitness is a huge part of racing 200hp, 370 lbsmotorcycles for 30 minute races.  When I stepped up from riding 600cc bikes to 1000cc Superbikes, I knew I needed to step up my fitness.  I started cycling and focused on conditioning exercises.  Then in 2012 a friend of mine recommended me to check out Vitality.  

Training at Vitality has been an incredible experience.  Due to previous years of improper training, over training of some muscle groups and ignoring others, and multiple broken bones and improperly healed injuries, when  I first stepped foot into Vitality I couldn’t do a single proper front squat with just a bar.   Results came with time and proper technique.  I still learn something new at Vitality every day.  I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere and supportive attitude at the gym, the whole Vitality family is an inspiration to me and make me want to push myself harder and harder every day at the gym.  

The time I put in at Vitality can be seen in my racing results.  My conditioning has improved to another level, at the end of races I am able to focus on riding the bike properly instead of just hanging on for dear life.   I have won the number 1 plate in 2012 and 2013 in the USBA series and earned a National number 3 plate in the WERA Nationals in 2013.

Some Highlights:

Bench press: 305#

Back squat: 325#

Dead lift: 375#

"Vitality": 7:11

2,000 m row: 7:09

Max push-ups: 102