Nutrition Program

Vitality’s nutrition program is customized for you. Based on a number of variables: age, body type, level of activity, interests, and body composition. We tailor the foods you eat based on your wants and needs. Whether your goal is to lose fat, to build muscle, or perform better in your activity, we will effectively work with you to reach your goals.

Our goal is to teach nutrition concepts and guide you to a knowledge that will allow you to understand basic concepts regarding health and nutrition. Ultimately, we want you to feel confident with the decision making regarding food, and eating habits.

We teach how to create meal plans, how to calculate macronutrients, how to cook the foods you eat, how to effectively shop for foods, and how to meal prep to reduce time spent in the kitchen. We want you to be self-sufficient.


Meal Plans

The “perfect diet” does not exist. Every person has their own interests, needs, beliefs, and goals. Your meal plan should represent who you are and what you want. The foods that go into your meal plan need to be interesting to you. The ultimate goal is to create a variety of meals plans that will allow for sustainable eating habits.

Meal plans are a great way to create structure, and to track progress. Your meal plan will be designed to work in conjunction with your schedule and diet needs. Your meal plan will take a lot of the work out of your day by directing you to eat how much and how often.

We provide software that allows you to login and track your progress, and reflect on previous weeks’ meal plans to give you future information. With a large database of meals, and meal plans the easier it is to work with your food on your own without a coach.



Changing behavior and making lifestyle changes can be challenging. We are here to help make the process easier. Plenty of barriers can get in the way of successful habit creation. Success requires a long-term commitment from both you and us. We are accountable to your change and the time it takes to accomplish your goals.

Our objective is to stick with you during your journey, and to provide you with information that will allow you to stay successful once our relationship comes to a conclusion. During our time together, both parties learn from one another in order to create the best outcomes possible.

We want you to feel confident with the decisions you make regarding your eating habits. At no time do we want you to feel abandoned, or confused about your eating habits. We want to leave the experience happy, healthy, and able to operate on your own.