Exercise for the purpose of looking good is not a new to the world – in fact, most of the exercise completed in this country is designed, or performed in order to look a very specific way. At Vitality, we typically do not complete workouts designed to form the body. However, many activities will allow the body to develop a certain way; this is just a byproduct of the activity, but not necessarily the objective.

I do train bodybuilders, if that is what they want to be called. I train people to objectively look good, walk in front of a panel of judges, and be viewed as one of the better looking people. This is the objective for these people. Looking really good for a single day is the end game.

The objective is not work capacity. It is not functional mass. It is not aerobic capacity. It is vein. It can be judged. It can be viewed as bullshit work. But it is valuable. I know that it has value because I am a human being that has a mirror in my house. I value aesthetics, and while I do not live in the realm of bodybuilding I value those that want to. I value the process. I value the intent. I value the struggle.

What struggle? They just go pull and push things in sets right? Yes, and no. They spend a tremendous amount of time concerned about their intent to step on stage for a mere 15 minutes. They spend a large amount of their time preparing specific foods throughout the year in order to peak for one day – just like the objective for any other athlete.

While the work done to complete this does not necessarily yield functional fitness, it does serve a purpose that mostly everyone can appreciate.