Here at Vitality, athletes of all types (strength, power, endurance) train to become something they once were not, to maintain strength and mobility, and to achieve more. Along with athletes, a wide variety of others frequent this space to grow (moms, firefighters, construction workers). The exposure to training looks differently for everyone; from 6 days of training per week with a very involved training plan to those wanting variety in their own training regimen who only come 2 days a week. Regardless of the frequency, the weekly classes are designed to expose our clients to a variety of different exercises, as well as different realms of fitness.

Change cannot be made without a large volume of exposure. The reality of bettering yourself with one or two workouts per week is limiting. The more you do, the more your body has to respond with a physiological change for the better, so if you only lift, or exercise every so often you can expect little to no change.