I started the gym simply because I love exercise. I wanted a space to exercise where I could not wear shoes, or a shirt and not get yelled at by management. I wanted a space where I could basically do what ever the hell I wanted. For the first year of operation, I worked as a machinist five days a week, and worked in the gym during the evenings with a few friends and my first clients. These were very exciting times for me. Little did I know that starting an endeavor like this would strip my free time away from me to the point I lost interest in exercising, which lead to me losing all of my own physical ability. 14 hour work days 5 days a week and working weekends allowed me to eventually leave machining, and focus all of my time on the gym. I will never forget that year. Sacrificing my free time, my physical ability, and personal relationships opened the door for me.

Gymnastics opened the door for me physically, which started at the age of 7, and ended when I was 15. I competed locally, regionally, and at one point in a couple national meets. Unfortunately, due to broken bones, I moved away from the sport. While I no longer trained for the sport of gymnastics, my desire to continue exercising never left me. Gymnastics gave me my foundational ability to this day. 

Currently, I aspire to run faster each year in the 100m and 200 m dash. I compete in the masters category. Along with my aspiration is the fortunate ability to lift weights in order to further my capacity to run faster in these events. I love sprinting as much as I did gymnastics, and the ability to lift weights in conjunction with this sport is the best thing ever. Along with sprinting and lifting I operate the gym solely, as well as hang out with my girlfriend, Kirsty, and my step-dog Ariel. 

Some highlights:

100m: 11.04

200m: 22.41

3 rep back squat: 375#

3 rep front squat: 315#

3 rep bench press: 295#

3 rep dead lift: 425#

3 rep OHS: 235#