Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stuart Anderson at it again.


It seems like I have been thinking about and preparing for this race for so long.  I loved the idea of doing a 70.3 race in the most difficult of circumstances.  I was up for a challenge of both my physical and mental abilities.  I wanted to do something great.  When I finished the Pumpkinman Half Ironman in October 2012 I convinced myself that I was not cut out to compete in the 70.3 distance, but over the next couple months my competitive nature gave way to my love of working to accomplish something amazing.  Many racers get satisfaction from crossing the finish line, and that bring its rewards, but I love the journey.  I enjoy setting goals, having a plan and working to see it through.  There is something special about being out on the road at 4:45AM.  I love those quite moments when I put in work and feel my body and mind take the next step towards being a better racer.

I arrived in St. George on Thursday night.  The race organizers required all athletes to be at a mandatory athlete briefing on Friday at 3:00PM.  I also had to have my bike dropped off at T1 by 7:00PM Friday night.  It had been an easy week, and by Friday I was ready to race.  I spent the day walking around the Ironman village wondering why so many athletes would give more money to the Ironman shop: hats, tanks-tops, backpacks, visors, t-shirts, sweatshirts…it was all for sale in the Ironman shop.  I registered for the race and went back to the condo.  Cleaned my bike and greased the drive train.  Then made my way out to Sand Hallow.  Dropped my bike off and took a few minutes to admire the 100+ pro athlete’s bikes already set up in T1.  All of our gear had to be kept in different colored bags.  I was asked not to lay my bike gear on the ground under my bike.  It was all kept in a little blue plastic bag.  The race frowned on having gear flung all over the transition areas.  Next I took my running gear to the St. George town center and dropped it off at T2.  Shoes, race number, visor and a little nutrition.  The hot afternoon was only a glimpse of what the heat would do on race day.

Race morning came quick.  My wave, 35-39, started at 7:27AM.  Our group entered the water and swam about 200m to the start of the race.  Once the bulk of the group arrived at the starting buoys they sounded the gun and away we went.  The water was cold.  Sixty one degrees.  My rhythm was smooth, but there were so many athletes in the water it was hard to keep your head down and keep moving.  Every few minutes I was getting side swiped by an athlete who somehow was swimming diagonally in front of me.  The water was clam and easy to navigate.  I had heard a quote early on in my training that I latched onto and frequently repeated to my self, “Hope is not a strategy.”  When it came to my race strategy I had done everything I could to prepare my mind and body.  I felt calm and fast as I finished the 1.2 mile swim in 37:03.

The bike course in SG70.3 has a great deal of climbing (3,653ft).  After 40 miles of racing you get to Snow Canyon.  A 5 miles stretch of climbing that ends with some serious gradient.  When I had practiced the course 4 weeks earlier I had expended too much energy by the time I started climbing.  On race day I felt different.  I burned some serious matches riding up the canyon, but once to the top I had 11 miles of downhill to spin my legs and get ready for the run.  My heart rate averaged 157 over the 2 hours and 44 minute ride, but when I got to T2 I had plenty in the tank to tackle the half marathon.

The bulk of my winter training had focused on running.  The first 3 miles of the run climbed and climbed and climbed.  The heat had arrived I was feeling it in my legs.  By the time I started to descend on the Red Hills Parkway my legs started to cramp.  I could feel it first in my quads.  I powered through and didn’t think much of it.  I was getting ice chips and Coke at the aid stations.  When I turned around at mile 6.5 and began to climb the road I had just descended my hamstrings locked up.  This was not cramping, it was a step above.  I pushed through it, but had to stop 3 times to try and walk it off.  Each time I walked my legs would relax a little and I could start running again.  It might have been over-exertion.  Or it could have been the heat.  Either way, miles 8-11 where brutal.

I’m glad it’s over.  It was a challenge, and I am glad to have experienced it.  I learned to enjoy racing a little more and be grateful for the healthy body I have been blessed with.  I learned to be more grateful for the countless people who supported me and made an effort to say something nice about the race.  Hopefully, my little girls won’t be afraid to do tough stuff.  I want to set an example of doing difficult things, planning effectively and accomplishing greatly.

Swim 37:03
Bike 2:44:52 (20.38 MPH average)
Run 2:00:23 (9:11 pace)
Total 5:33:02

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Thursday, February 6, 2014


paul, payton:
warm up 10:00




3×5 bench press @ light weight
5×5 bench press @ 70% of max
6×4 bench press @ 75% of max
3×5 dead lifts @ 135#

rest some




ladder from 1-10 of…
bent over row @ 95#
push press @ 95#
*in between each step of the ladder complete x3 dead lifts @ 1.5x bodyweight

cooldown 10:00

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


warm up 10:00


b-boy power.


5×5 push press @ 75#
3 x 1 handstand focusing on form and duration
5×3 push press @ 95#
3 x 1 handstand – during each handstand touch one shoulder 4 total times
5×3 push-up – arms to the side
5×3 push-up – arms to the front
5×3 push press @ 115#
10×5 push-up – one foot to the side
8×5 knees to elbows

cooldown 10:00


stuart, jon:
warm up 10:00


knees in them elbows.


2 x 1-6 pull-up ladders

push-up ladder 13-3 increments of 1
*in between each step complete 5 ball slams @ 30# ball

5 rounds…
15 yards lunges @ rack position w/heavy ball
+ 8 knees to elbows

x100 crunches

cooldown 10:00


casey, mike, wyatt, adrian, nate:
warm up 10:00




complete every :30 for 5:00…
x5 moderate push press @ barbell 65-95#

rest 2:00

complete every :30 for 5:00…
x5 box jumps @ 24″-36″

rest 2:00

complete every :30 for 5:00…
x3 heavy push press @ barbell 75-135#
x3 explosive burpee

rest 5:00

50-40-30-20-10 wall ball tosses @ 10-16#
*in between each step of the ladder complete 15 push-ups. no one can move on to the next step of the ladder until everyone has completed the full set of wall ball tosses and the 15 push-ups, which means that someone could complete many more push-ups than the original 15 push-ups. sometimes being accountable to others creates a larger drive to work harder.

cooldown 10:00


warm up 10:00


its never too late to get started. 62 and still learning.


3×5 shoulder dislocates

1-4 pull-up ladder
1-5 pull-up ladder

3×5 squats
3×5 back squats @ 45#
3×5 back squats @ 75#
3×5 back squats @ 90#
5×5 bent over row @ 45#
3×8 single arm bent over row @ 25# dumbbell
3×6 single arm bent over row @ 35# dumbbell
3×15 bench press @ 25# dumbbells
3×10 shoulder press @ 15# dumbbells

cooldown 5:00 ski

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


dante, mike, oleg, sabreena, nate, ben:
warm up 10:00




3×5 back squats @ light weight
3×5 wall squats

5×5 back squats progressing in weight each round to a heavy 5 rep effort:
dante – 275 x5 pr
mike – 315 x5 pr
oleg – 265 x5
sabreena – 105 x5 pr
nate – 245 x5 pr
ben – 215 x5 pr

rest a bit…

back squat + pull-up ladder from 1-10
*back squats completed @ 60% of today’s 5 rep effort

rest a bit

5×5 heavy bent over row @ barbell

cooldown 10:00


payton, paul:
warm up 5:00




3×5 back squat @ 135#

8 rounds with no rest…
x8 back squat @ 50% of back squat max
x8 knees to elbows

rest 5:00

8 rounds with no rest…
x8 bench press @ 50% of max bench press
x8 weighted burpees @ 30# dumbbells

cooldown 10:00


warm up 10:00




2 x 2-10 pullup ladders (by 2′s)

3×5 dead lifts @ bodyweight

dead lift + box jump ladder from 10-0
*dead lifts @ 185#
*box jumps @ 24″

5×12 bench press @ 30# dumbbells

cooldown 10:00

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Monday, January 13, 2014


stuart, josh, jon, dan:
warm up 10:00




3 x 1:00 plank/:15 rest

3×30 russian twists @ 25-35# plate

3×20 parter ball toss/sit-up

ladder from 20-2 (increments of 2) of goblet squats @ 30-45#
*in between each step of the ladder complete 3 weighted burpees @ 15-40# dbs

5×10 knees to elbows


warm up 10:00




3×5 front squats @ 115#
3×5 front squats @ 165#
x5 front squats @ 185#
x5 front squats @ 205#
x4 front squats @ 215#
2×15 front squats @ 125#
2×20 bench press @ 40# dbs

cooldown – discussion about how strength training brings on a new identity; part of that identity is understanding that breathing during big sets of any power lift is absolutely required. without oxygen the brain shuts off. welcome to the world of strength training tony.


payton, paul:
warm up 10:00




3×5 back squats @ 70% of bodyweight
3×8 back squats @ bodyweight

work up to heavy bench press:
payton: 225#
paul: 205

5 rounds with no rest…
x8 bench press @ 50% of heavy bench press
x8 rack hold step-ups @ 44# kbs + 18″ box

cooldown 10:00


warm up 10:00




3×5 front squats @ 115#
3×3 front squats @ 165#
6×3 front squats @ 195#
5×5 bent over row @ 115#
5×2 bent over row @ 145#
5×1 bent over row @ 175#
3×15 pull-ups

cooldown 10:00

warm up 10:00 ski @ 2:08/500m

10:00 ski @ 2:00/500m
full recovery
10:00 ski @ 1:57.5/500m
full recovery
10:00 ski @ 1:55/500m

cooldown 10:00


warm up 7:00

5×5 back squats @ 135#
5×3 back squats @ 185#
7×2 back squats @ 215-275#
2×15 back squats @ 135#
3×5 step-ups @ 95# in front rack
3×5 reverse lunges @ 95# in front rack

cooldown 10:00


warm up 10:00

2×5 back squats @ 135#
2×3 back squats @ 185#
2×2 back squats @ 225#
5×5 back squats @ 245-275#
5×5 bent over row @ 115#
5×3 bent over row @ 135-175#
1×40 pull-ups

cooldown: push-ups


warm up 10:00

2×5 back squats @ 95#
3×3 back squats @ 125#
3×3 back squats @ 135#
6×1 back squats @ 155#
5×3 back squats @ 140#
5×5 back squats @ 125#
3×5 bench press @ 65#
5×3 bench press @ 85#
5×1 bench press @ 105#
3×1 bench press @ 115#
10×4 dips

cooldown 10:00

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