Jordan, Mike, Sabreena, Shalyn, Keith:

Warm up 10:00

x30+ pull-ups/muscle ups/chest to bar pull-ups

Work up to heavy 2 rep max dead lift:

*working within 2-8% above 3 rep max from last week...

Jordan: 365#

Mike: 385#

Sabreena: 150#

Shalyn: 180#

Keith: 285#

*all of these numbers are higher than previous 1RM's. Go team!

x55 strict overhead press @ some sort of bar + weight.


Paul, Jake, Devon, Jessi, Erin:

Warm up 10:00

+ x30 pull-ups 

*do some number of pull-ups over 30.

Do some warm up dead lift sets.

x5 dead lifts @ bodyweight - 150% of bodyweight

:40 plank on elbows

:30 rest

8 rounds

Ladder from 10-1 of strict overhead press @ 40% of bodyweight

*in between each step of the ladder complete 5 heavy ball slams

Cooldown: finish the day with some more pull-ups.


Austin, Mike, Oleg, jordan, Tim:

Warm up 10:00

x50 push-ups

x30 pull-ups

x15 bench press @ 115-135#

x6 bent over row @ dbs 20-30#

x6 curl

x6 bent over row

x6 curl

x6 strict press

xpush-ups to failure on dbs

3:00 rest

7:00 burpees, or 7:00 burpee-pull-ups

Mike - 115 burpees

Oleg - 119 burpees

Austin - 65 burpee pull-ups @ 8' bar

Jordan- 50 burpee pull-ups @ 8' bar

Tim - 62 burpees


Ben, Nic, Shalyn, Melissa, Oleg, Jordan, Keith:

Warm up 10:00

Freestyle some push-ups + pull-ups + muscle-ups

Warm up with some dead lifts progressing to 85% of 3 RM dead lift.


11 rounds no rest...

x5 toes to bar

x3 weighted burpees (15-30# dbs)

x1 dead lift @ 85% of 3RM dead lift 

Freestyle some dips + rope climbs + pull-ups + bent over row, and what have you. 



Warm up: 

4 x 60 meter grass run


Dynamic stretch


3 x 10 meter 3-point starts

3 x 10 meter block starts

3 x 60 meter sprints 

1 x 400 meter jog


This is Shady, he is my sister's dog, he has three legs, and likes to bring the noise. He helped me out staying on track today. 

Track has become the thing I do with a large portion of my time. I am not sure exactly what draws me towards the damn sport, but I sure do love it. The most important aspect, for me, is the complexity of what to the naked eye seems to be so simple. The objective will always to pursue a faster time, but the older I get, and the more exposure i have with the sport, I genuinely just want tot get out and sprint. Starting at 28, and now in my 30's I have no objective but to have fun and explore my physical ability. Hours of time have been spent warming up, cooling down, gaining weight, gaining strength, sleeping, eating, icing, the list really goes on and on; all to just run a straight, or a half of a lap on a track. Here is to another 10 months of training!

A couple hours later at the gym:

@ 145# every :90 complete:

x2 hang clean 

x2 front squat

x2 push press

x2 box jump

Work up to 65% of back squat max, and then...

5x5 back squat @ 265# - resting 2:00 between sets

Every minute on the minute for 7 rounds...

x5 bent over row @ 115#

x5 strict pull-up


Chase, Melissa:

Warm up 10:00

3 x 1-5 pull-up ladder (weighted if possible)

Complex: 5 reps each/5 rounds total @ 55-95#

Dead lift

Bent over row

Hang clean

Strict press

Front squat push press

*rest 1:00-2:00 between complexes 

Over 8 sets, work up to heavy 5-rep bent over row:

Chase - 200#

Melissa - 105#

7:00 movement of some stuff:



Kb snatches

Russian twists


*do randomized times, sets straight for 7:00



Paul, Jordan, Jeremy, Jake, Jessi:

Warm up 10:00

3x5 wall squats

2 x 1-5 pull-up ladder (weighted if possible)

2x5 dead lifts  @ light weight

Complete every 1:00 on the minute for 10:00...

x5 dead lifts @ bodyweight +

x10 push-ups


1:00 work stations/:30 rest periods


Box jumps

Push press @ dbs

Straight leg dead lifts @ kb

Jumping pull-ups

Kb swings

Ball slams

Russian twist @ ball



x20 dead lifts @ weight used for the warm up sets. 


^ Jake rounding out a solid comment, "you mother fucker." ^


Paul, Devon, Jordan, Jake, Jessi:

Warm up 10:00

3x5 wall squats

3x5 jumping pull-ups

Barbell complex (5 reps of each)

Dead lift

Bent over row

Hang clean

Strict press

Front squat

Push press

*rest 1:00-1:30 between rounds

* 5 rounds total


Bench press ladder from 1-10 @ 50% of 1RM

Burpee ladder from 10-1 

:30 row sprint - hard/:30 active recovery - slow - 4 rounds



Warm up 10:00

x50 overhead walking lunges @ 20# ball

x50 farmer carry walking lunges @ 30# dbs 

Dumbbell complex ladder from 10-1 @ 20# dbs:

Dead lift

Bent over row


Strict press


Push press


*rest :30 between each step of the ladder

*10 of each, 9 of each…down to 1 of each

7:00 ski @ moderate pace


Dan, Helen:

Warm up 10:00

3x5 wall squats

3x5 pull-ups

3x5 push-ups

5 rounds...

x15 goblet squats @ medium weight

x30 mountain climbers

20 yards bear crawl

x10 jumping pull-ups

1:00 rest


Russian twists/push-ups


Devon, Jeremy, Derek:

Warm up 10:00

Ladder from 1-10

Kb swings + box jumps

Complete every 2:00 for 11 rounds:

x5 back squats @ 50% of 1RM +

x5 jumping pull-ups

Complete a bunch of dips, and push-ups


Steve, Mike:

Warm up 10:00

3x5 wall squats

3x5 pull-ups

2x5 dead lifts @ 135#

2x5 dead lifts @ 205#

2x3 dead lifts @ 275#

2x2 dead lifts @ 315#

*from here do some singles, and then find 5 rep effort:

Steve: 405#

Mike: 330# 

Player 1: ski 2:30 @ moderate effort

Player 2: x5 bupree pull-ups + x5 ball slams @ 40# ball

5 rounds 


Dan, Helen:

Warm up 10:00

Ball slam + push-up ladder from 1-12 

5 rounds of...

x5 burpees

x10 kb swings 

x30 step-ups

x200 russian twists

x100 ab-mat sit-ups



Warm up 2:00 + stretching

3x5 wall squats

3x5 pull-ups

2x5 dead lifts @ 135#

2x5 dead lifts @ 205#

2x3 dead lifts @ 275#

2x2 dead lifts @ 315#

x1 dead lift @ 345#

x1 dead lift @ 365#

x1 dead lift @ 385#

x1 dead lift @ 405#



Paul, Jessi:

Warm up 10:00

5 rounds:

x5 pull-ups

20 yards lunges

Ladder from 12-1 of...

Bench press @ 135#/push-ups


Ball slams @ 20-40#

Knees to elbows/Toes to bar

Dips/Strict press @ bar


Parinaz, Adrien:

Warm up 10:00

5 rounds:

x5 pull-up

20 yards lunges/x12 step-ups

8 rounds of...

Player 1:

x6 back squats @ 75-125#

x6 box jumps @ 24"

x6 ball slams @ 20-30#

*add weight after 2nd round.

Player 2:

Real rest

5x6 strict bent over row @ 65-115#


Melissa, Dale:

Warm up 10:00

player 1/player 2: 

3 x 1-4 pull-up ladders

3 x 1-4 dip ladders

3x10 goblet squat @ 44#

Ladder from 10-1 of...

Back squats @ 75/105#


Ball slams @ 20#

Finish the day with some knees to elbows, or more back squats.



Warm up 10:00

3x5 wall squats 

3x5 dead lifts @ 135#

x5 dead lifts @ 185, 205, 225, 245, and then,,,

x10 dead lifts @ 275#

Ladder from 10-1 of...

Bench press @ 135#


Ring dips


Helen, Jon, Josh:

Warm up 10:00

3x5 wall squats

3x 1-4 pull-up/or 30 pull-ups

30-20-20-10-10-10 repetitions of:

Kb swings

Ball slams

Push press @ dbs

3x 1:30 plank

Freestyle some lunges, push-ups, and pull-ups


Jessi, Jordan, Paul:

Warm up 10:00

x30/x50 pull-ups

3x5 wall squats

3x15 goblet squats @ light kb

x30/50 push-ups

2x5 light dead lifts

5x5 dead lifts progressing in weight each round to something moderately heavy

1x2 dead lifts @ projected 10 rep effort (at least at last week's 20 rep effort)

1x10 dead lifts @ moderately heavy:

Jessi: 170#

Jordan: 275#

Paul: 315#

To finish the day, complete at least 200 yards of forward sled push.



Josh, Jon:

Warm up 10:00

Burpee + jumping pull-up ladder from 1-5

*Burpees are completed on one side of the room; bear crawls are completed in between the burpees and jumping pull-ups.

25-20-15-10-5 repetitions of...

Wall ball tosses

Weighted sit-ups 

x110 push-ups

x55 knees to elbows

x40 overhead walking lunges

*complete however.


Jordan, Jeremy, Paul, Derek:

Warm up 10:00

x25 ring dips

x25 handstand push-ups on box

3x5 wall squats

3x10 overhead split squats @ bar

5 rounds no rest...

x5 front squats @ 95-115#

x12 toes to bar

x12 push-ups

Finish the day with x45 bench press @ 70% of 1RM

*Break the sets up however.


Steve, Chase:

Warm up 5:00

3x5 wall squats

8x5 back squats progressing in weight each round to a heavy set of 5:

Steve: 335# for 5 reps

Chase: 345# for 5 reps

@ 44-53# complete every minute on the minute for 10:00...

x5 goblet squats

x5 kb swings

x5 burpees

*Chase stopped at round 8 due to sissiness. 


Parinaz, Erin:

Warm up 10:00

500 meter ski - fast

x45 incline push-ups

Ladder from 10-1 of strict press @ 45#

Ladder from 1-10 of burped pull-ups

500 meter ski - :02 slower than first effort. 



Warm up 10:00

Ladder from 10-1 of...

Goblet squats @ 44# + push-ups + pull-ups

Ladder from 10-1 of back squats @ 105#

7 rounds no rest...

x3 bench press @ 95#

x5 bent over row @ 75#

x7 ball slams @ 40# ball

x35 knees to elbows



Warm up 10:00

3x5 wall squats

3x5 push-ups

3x5 pull-ups


5x5 back squats @ 75#

5x5 back squats @ 115#

5x5 strict press @ 55#

3 x 1:30 planks


Mike, Chase:

Warm up 5 x :10 sprint airdyne/rower - :50 active recovery

x25 handstand pushups

3x5 wall squats

3x5 front squats @ 135#

3x5 bench press @ 115/135#


x110 front squats @ 165#

x110 bench press @ 165#


x110 front squats @ 155#

x110 bench press @ 115#

*Complete some sort of ladder situation of each, or a couple ladders of each. Basically just get the shit done because yesterday was a doozie on the legs and back. 

*Make sure to eat some sort of in and out burger situation once completed. 

*Make sure to take some sort of napping situation once completed. 

Stength endurance

Jeremy, Devon:

Warm up 10:00

3x5 wall squats 

5x5 box jumps from 24" progressing to 42"

2x10 dead lifts @ 135#

2x5 dead lifts @ 185#

1x20 dead lifts @ 

Jeremy: 205#

Devon: 185#

X100 strict press @ 45-70#

x55 pull-ups


Oleg, Mike, Sabreena, Jordan, Brook, Chase:

Warm up 10:00

3x5 wall squats

3x5 pull-ups

x50 pushups

3x5 light dead lifts

3x5 dead lifts progressing in weight each round

x3 dead lifts @ projected effort, and then:

x20 dead lifts @ heavy:

Oleg: 240#

Mike: 240#

Sabreena: 110#

Jordan: 190#

Brook: 140#

Chase: 320#

After the set of 20 dead lifts, Mike, Sabreena, Jordan, and Brook continued on to finish the day with...

x25-20-15-10-5 repetitions of:


box jumps 


After all the talk about a heavy dead lift I have decided to move away from heavy singles and focus on heavy volume in single sets. I have a feeling that the adaptation will be more beneficial in the short an long run, as well as give a much better perspective about heavy singles. After all, if I can pull 2x my bodyweight for 20 reps, why the fuck would I care about a single at 400#? I probably wont. To the moon. YEAH THATS A NAP-HAMMOCK IN THE BACKGROUND.