Who we Are

We’re passionate about fitness. We’re endlessly drawn to adventure.

Very few Americans today have a need to pick up a sledgehammer and hit a tire repeatedly. As a nation we have forgotten how important it is to be able to perform simple tasks well. Because we have not forgotten, Vitality is  your conscience. We take a stand for your functional fitness.

We are always learning. You’re always learning. What we have come to understand is that everyone  is an individual with different abilities, wants, body type, and learning curve. Vitality caters to you. We program your workout with you and your goals in mind - using functional fitness as our back-drop.

Our training philosophy is straightforward:

·         First - do what you enjoy.

·         Second - train as hard as your body and your brain will allow.

·         Third - train appropriately/safely.

Vitality embodies this philosophy within a unique, safe, entertaining, social, and challenging experience.

We don't judge. Neither should you. Everyone has a certain capacity. When we say we offer functional training that you enjoy, that pushes both your mind and body, and is appropriate and safe, we mean it. We also ask you that if you step inside, you also step up and give each work out all you can.

We connect with you first and then connect you to your goals. We will ask you to push as hard as you can. Don’t be afraid to rise to our challenges. Sometimes you don’t know who you are until you see how far you can take yourself.

Each of our clients has a different experience from the next and each client's training is customized. Every client should leave the gym with a positive attitude about the day, should feel challenged in the gym, and should feel healthy and recovered, or we haven’t done our job.